[ The dawn of a new awareness ]

[ The dawn of a new awareness ]

– We want to use clean, renewable energy for the progress of humanity, using it responsibly as a way for people and places to advance

“Rinascimento Solare®is our humanistic and sustainable capitalism project. It is inspired by the principles of the “Global Impact of the United Nations”, which in Italy has been tangibly implemented by Intesa Sanpaolo. This is the country’s most important banking group and our reference credit institution also in terms of values and business culture.

It intends to accomplish the TRIANGULATION between solar energy, financial capital and cultural heritage with the aim of generating positive and ‘impactful’ changes for the communities and local areas of small cities and villages. A call to action for the development of photovoltaic self-consumption conceived as a lever for reconstruction and economic growth: an invitation to express one’s passion and desire to make a difference.

With these aims, in 2007, accompanied by a great mentor, the late Prof. Alberto Runza, Enersystems Srl was established to deal with the construction of renewable energy plants. In 2022, after officially reaching one million euros of net assets, the company established a business foundation called “Fondazione Scimeca per il Rinascimento Solare ETS” to pursue the same objectives with an unchanged vocation and even more vigour.


– A sign of attention to needs that wants to go a long way –

Our company, which for some years has also had two operational offices in Milan and Rome, has its roots in Caccamo, in the province of Palermo in Sicily. This centre represents our community and we intend to preserve its local spirit. We intend to also take action in local areas that are at risk of being forgotten, leading to degradation, depopulation and neglect, despite their valuable cultural heritage. This due to the isolation and fewer opportunities generally afflicted these areas, which are also not included in major tourist destinations. Therefore, these areas need support actions that combine capitalism and a human touch.

[ values ]

– Solar energy, a way for people and places to advance –

Art, like renewable energy, is a source of infinite and sustainable renewal, which feeds culture and ideas, generating future and progress. We intend to continue our initiative called “Art is Energy that fuels progress”, attributing to solar energy the symbolic image of a tool for people and places to advance and linking two great assets of our island: solar energy “with the most powerful sun in Europe” with an immense artistic and cultural heritage, among the most important ones in the world. Based on the management of photovoltaic assets, energy communities and a careful and efficient use of what is related to the topic of energy, we intend to generate the resources to develop the Foundation’s philanthropic action. The meaning of the latter’s mission lies in long-term programmes and initiatives designed with an eye to the future.

– Bring old town centres back to life and improve the suburbs –

To help turn ‘minor’ old town centres into proximity tourist destinations in contact with nature, while designating them as a poetic and spiritual symbol of our manufacturing fabric and of the “Rinascimento Solare®” commercial brand. Our starting point is our city, Caccamo, whose spirit we intend to preserve in order to offer an accurate, unique and inimitable vision.

– Promote the values of ‘humanistic capitalism’ –

Doing well and making a profit are no longer two distinct worlds. We intend to help raise awareness regarding the need for entrepreneurs (from every sector) to commit to their communities, knowing that a life lived for a ‘purpose’ is truly powerful and happy; that the ‘purpose of life’ is to be useful, responsible, compassionate, incisive; that profit is not the ultimate measure of success, the true value of a company is measured by the positive impact that falls on the local area and on society; that purpose, meaning and sense are the ingredients make life ‘successful’.

[ initiatives ]

– “the awareness that investing in responsibility programmes for local communities must be perceived as an unavoidable necessity” –
(Oscar Di Montigny – Gratitude. The necessary revolution)

The search for profit combined with social causes and sustainability are issues we are always particularly sensitive to. This is why, we have carried out several successful initiatives in recent years, including, by way of example, “Art is Energy that fuels progress”, a painting by the Flemish painter Mattia Stomer kept in the mother church of Caccamo. In 2015 we decided promote it by taking it to the Milan Expo and displaying it at the “The Treasure of Italy” exhibition by entrepreneur Oscar Farinetti, curated by art critic Vittorio Sgarbi. The above also include various science courses for school children, “philosophy for children” and many other initiatives you can learn about through the ‘initiatives’ section on our website.

[ Some initiatives ]

Enzo Scimeca | Nino Scimeca (President) | Dario Scimeca | Claudio Scimeca

Enzo Scimeca | Nino Scimeca (President) | Dario Scimeca | Claudio Scimeca


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